Copywriter and creative


It all started when...

my then-manager put a label on my day job and dubbed me a copywriter. Until that point, I’d thought of myself as a wordy girl Friday – generally responsible for prettying up newsletters, websites, brochures and the like in our busy marketing department.

After realising what I did was a thing, I also realised I could be more creative, as, well…a creative. So I quit to build a portfolio at the School of Communication Arts 2.0. After stints at great agencies like Krow and Google Zoo, I bagged a permanent desk at Blue Hive after selling in an idea for Ford cars in my first week. 

I’ve now got a solid 9 years of copywriting under my hat (count ‘em). In that time I’ve written copy and produced concepts for TV scripts, digital banners, radio recordings, direct mailers, brochures, presentation decks, websites, and even a few books.

I’ve also become super comfortable with pitching to clients, co-managing shoots, and working alongside directors, designers, producers and photographers. And because I love what I do, I spend time mentoring and giving talks to younger creatives so they can learn to love the biz too.

Take a look at my work to see what I’ve been creating lately. Or get in touch with me to have a word or two of your own.