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Fiesta Trends

Why do car ads always have to look like car ads? To reposition Ford Fiesta as a chic female car, we shot it like a beautiful fashion object - aligning it with the hottest catwalk trends, season after season.

Ford Fiesta became the UK’s best selling car in 2014 and 2015, and subsequently of all time. Chuffed is an understatement. 


The popularity of Fiesta Trends surpassed all expectations, which freed us to push creative boundaries even further in its second phase.

This included shooting the Ford Fiesta underwater and using a stylised illustrated product shot for the first time in the brand’s history.

With each shoot being more ambitious than the last, it made for great social video content. It also explains these cameramen in scuba gear.

We also used our video content to create suites of purpose-built online media formats for each trend, to engage fashion-lovers online.

 Pop Art was an audience favourite.

To further amplify the campaign, we partnered with Stylist Magazine to launch Fiesta Stylista: a nation-wide search for the UK's next top stylist.  

The competition lasted 4 thrilling months,  with my art director and working with pro models, photographers and stylists to bring it to life. 

Our lovely winner Sarah Mikaela was finally crowned live on stage at Stylist Live, Stylist's first public event.

In the background we also concepted, shot, and designed 3 bespoke magazine covers, each featuring a winning Fiesta Stylista outfit.

These each appeared on a special collectable edition of Stylist Magazine after Sarah was crowned our overall winner.