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Let's protect our girls

Behind the damaging practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is an inherent paradox: it is often sanctioned by otherwise loving parents or community elders, in the belief that they are securing their daughters a better future. 

Guided by this contradiction, we used communities’ inherent empathy for their children as the basis for getting them to reconsider their attitudes to FGM. Using sensitive imagery and an emotional rallying cry, we built a new, relatable norm of family life that naturally reconciles with each community’s desire to keep their girls safe from harm.



We were extremely privileged to have the support of real parents from communities touched by FGM to bring this campaign to life. They welcomed us (and our sizeable amount of camera gear) into their homes to spend several hours photographing them and their children – the youngest of whom were a pair of 6 month-old twin girls. These portraits are just a few of the beautiful family moments we got to capture on shoot.