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Words in the wild

It turns out, there’s a whole world outside of advertising. And luckily for me, it still values a well-used word. Here are a selection of projects I’ve crafted copy for outside of my day job, because that’s how much I like writing stuff.



Central Hall Westminster is London's largest and most prestigious events venue. They're also part of the Methodist Church, and so have the very unique policy of refusing events that promote alcohol, negative causes or otherwise diminish social responsibility.  I was called on to refresh their entire website, and infuse it with more of their distinct heritage and ethos, helping visitors to better understand why they should book Central Hall Westminster for their next big bash.


Once upon a time, I did A-Level Fine Art. It taught me a lot about artwork, but plenty about writing about it too. So when my BFF and upcoming academic told me she could use an extra writer to pull together an art exhibition she was curating on the Nigeria-Biafra Civil War, I was only too happy to help. I edited the little gallery descriptions that sit alongside each piece, and also the essays in the special edition exhibition catalogue. The response to the exhibition has been rightfully immense, and it's since gone on a global tour – taking my words to a wider audience and sparking even more conversation around this milestone historical event. [photo credits Nigeria Arts Society UK]


1 Wimpole Street is a 100-year old events venue that happens to be fitted with some very impressive modern-day technical kit. The team felt they needed a modern website to match, so they gave me the delightful task of creating a fresh, contemporary tone of voice that would let people know that they weren't a dusty medics-only club. With my abundance of natural charm and wit, I was only too pleased to oblige – and had an absolute blast writing every last personality-packed page.


Poet in the City is a wonderful arts organisation that, you guessed it, put on diverse poetry events in the city of London. One such event was a 6-part series exploring contemporary Romanian culture through the country's most accomplished poets.

As a long-time volunteer, I event-managed the whole series – working with poets, speakers, other volunteers and our hosts at the Romanian Cultural Institute over several months. As a Iong-time writer, I also brought my wordsmithing skills into play: designing our promo materials, writing blog posts, and co-authoring the introduction to the poetry anthology that we published to mark the last event.


What kind of friend would I be if I didn't help my mates out on occasion, eh? My pals over at Barking MAD Productions were revamping their website, but finding it hard to know what to say about themselves. Seeing as I was already working alongside them to produce a short film, I knew all about them, their film projects, and their creative process first-hand. So I broke it down under relevant headings so the rest of the world could get to know too, and voila – their new website was born.